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 Recommended blogs and websites


  The Daily Gold - Harvey's Organ's Blog

  Casey Research - Ed Steer's Gold and Silver Daily

  FOFOA - Covers Freegolds Subject frequently

  Metalaugmentor - Metals Blog and site


  TF Metals Report

 Recommended With Review 

  Zero Hedge: Zero Hedge provides relevant and timely news on all things finance, economics and more for the global watcher. Black humour at every twist. It's the end of the financial world every second day at Zero Hedge. Articles are posted by multiple posters, however are kept anonymous with posts made under the pseudonym ‘Tyler Durden’ (character from the movie Fight Club).

  King World News: King World News is a great site for multiple news sources, but the little pot of Gold is found under the ‘Broadcast’ tab where Eric King interviews all the greats such as Gerald Celente, Ben Davies, Rick Rule, Peter Schiff, Jim Rickards, Marc Faber, John Embry, Rick Santelli and many more. Eric’s questions are often a bit leading in nature, however the interviews provide unparalleled insight into the minds of some very well respected commentators, analysts and economists.

  Silver Stackers: This forum is a must visit for Australian based metals enthusiasts. While Silver Stackers welcomes all members the majority are Australian based users, so discussions are particularly relevant for locals. The trading section of the forum provides an unbeatable way of trading metals for fiat or visa versa

Recommended media sites like Podcast and YouTube

King World News Broadcast

Silver Guru

Wealth Cycles

The Precious Metals Store

Run to Gold

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