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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Putting Faith in Holding Physical Metals: Eric Sprott | Resource Investor

Putting Faith in Holding Physical Metals: Eric Sprott | Resource Investor

Long-time investor Eric Sprott, the chairman of Sprott Inc., chief excutive officer, chief investment officer and senior portfolio manager for Sprott Assett Management LP and chairman of Sprott Money Ltd., stirred up a lot of interest he when issued a “Call to Action” to silver producers to limit sales until prices increased and put their convert their cash reserves to physical silver. He’s still pushing that argument, as Resource Investor found when we interviewed Sprott for Futuresmagazine recently.
Resource Investor: How would you characterize your relationship and that of Sprott Asset Management to the futures industry and futures trading?
Eric Sprott: I would suggest that we don’t have a great relationship to the futures industry per se, because we don’t get involved in trading of futures and never have been involved that way. We tend to be buyers of physical metal whether it’s for our accounts here at Sprott Asset Management or whether it is for the two trusts that we have listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Obviously our actions in the physical metals might have some impact on the futures markets because we have been a significant buyer of silver on a relative basis but I don’t actively trade those contracts.

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