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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Other Side Of The Gold And Silver Coin | ZeroHedge

We have long-discussed the currency debasement, fiat-fiasco thesis for owning hard assets and only last night noted the discussion between Biderman and Sprott on the practicalities of this plan. What we found interesting was this week we have seen a number of quite bearish articles on the precious metals - most notably Bloomberg's chart-of-the-day has had two notes citing inventory build for Silver's imminent demise and lagging futures open interest as a sign of investor's losing conviction in gold. Given that we are fair-and-balanced we thought it worth sharing these technical insights and perhaps reflecting on what Eric Sprott noted (and Dylan Grice has previously highlighted) as the only thing that could break his 'hard asset' thesis - that the political and banker elite "come to their financial senses".

4/18/12. Silver-Inventory Surge Means Decline In Prices

The Other Side Of The Gold And Silver Coin | ZeroHedge

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